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Methods of using basic essential oils

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The descriptions are informative. For more detailed information, you can consult your own wellness advisor, the official doTERRA website, the 'TOP OILS' application, closed Facebook groups or the Essential Life book.

To achieve the preventive effects of the essences, regular and intended daily usage is most effective. The quantity used and the manner of use should always be determined by the goal. If you have any questions consult your own wellness advisor.

A: aromatically, place 1-2 drops in your palm, deeply inhale.
D: put 3-4 drops into an ultrasonic diffuser, using the essential oils that correspond to your goal, even mixing several.
K: apply 1-2 drops externally to the specific area, primarily on pulse points, the soles of the feet, or the chest, optionally diluted with a carrier oil, considering individual sensitivity.
B: consume internally, directly under the tongue or dissolve in oil or a glass of water, for culinary purposes or in a capsule.

A, D, K, B
Vitalizing, fat-dissolving, energizing, disinfectant, immune-boosting.
Suggested to consume one drop in a glass of water each morning, vitalizes the body, beneficial for the immune and digestive systems, with regular use it removes plaque deposits and microplastics from blood and intestinal walls.

A, D, K, B
Calming, muscle-relaxing, stress-reducing, blood pressure-lowering, anti-aging, skin-soothing, skin-nourishing.
Applied in morning and evening skincare routine, 1 drop each reduces signs of external aging.
Applied on pulse points, 1 drop each externally, lowers blood pressure.
Applied on the chest and soles of feet, 1 drop each promotes calm, deep sleep.
Applied directly to specific area, 1 drop each is muscle-relaxing.
Applied to burns, 1 drop regenerates skin and relieves pain.
In a diffuser, 3-4 drops create stress-relieving atmosphere.

A, D, K, B
Refreshing, invigorating, energizing, increases blood oxygen levels, raises blood pressure, aids digestion, supports liver detoxification.
Applied in shower gel or body lotion each morning, invigorating and refreshing.
Inhaled from palms, 1 drop instantly clears sinuses and airways, aiding breathing and relieving coughing.
Applied on pulse points and back of the neck, 1 drop each, refreshing, energizing, and raises blood pressure.
Applied on the back of the neck and chest before exercise, 1 drop each enhances oxygen uptake capacity (VO2 MAX).
Taken internally, 1 drop assists digestion.
In a diffuser, 3-4 drops purify and refresh the air.

A, D, K, B
Hemostatic, balances healthy fungal presence, microbiome-balancing.
Added to shampoo during morning shower, 1 drop helps restore scalp health.
Added to shower gel, 1 drop balances the microbiome.
Added to face cream, 1 drop eliminates skin imperfections; added to face toner, 1 drop restores acne-prone skin.
Applied directly to wounds, 1-1 drop each alleviates bleeding, constricts blood vessels.
Consumed daily, 1 drop internally, and applied to soles of feet, supports the immune system.
In a diffuser, 3-4 drops cleanse and purify the air.

D, K, B
Supports balance of healthy viruses and bacteria, supports healthy gut flora.
Consumed internally each morning, supports healthy gut flora and immune system.
Taken together with Tea Tree, 1-1 drop each is a natural antibiotic.
Externally applied, only diluted in carrier oil, is recommended for targeted use.

A, D, K, B
Sacral oil, supports cell renewal, apoptosis, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, aids meditation.
Integrated into daily skincare routine, 1 drop in face cream has anti-aging effects, reduces external signs of aging.
Externally applied, 1-1 drop each on targeted area reduces scars and wounds.
Externally applied, 1-1 drop each on targeted area, and internally, 1 drop each, has anti-inflammatory effects.
Directly under the tongue, 1 drop daily or diluted in oil, supports cell renewal and the immune system.
Inhaled from palms, applied on chest, or diffused, 1 drop has calming, relaxing effects, cleanses the air, supports meditation and relaxation.

A, D, K, B
Immune-boosting, energetic protection, antioxidants.
Applied to toothpaste each morning, adjusts oral pH.
Added to coffee or tea, 1 drop each, boosts immune system.
Applied on spine, soles of feet, and chest, 1-1 drop each, stimulates immune response, provides energetic protection.
In a diffuser, 3-4 drops cleanse and purify the air, energizing and vitalizing.

A, D, K
Respiratory support, invigorating, mucous membrane regeneration, increases blood oxygen levels, supports exercise.
Applied to chest and back of the neck 5-10 minutes before exercise, supports oxygen transport capacity, clears airways.
Applied to chest, nostrils, and under the nose, 1-1 drop each, relieves cough, runny nose, congestion, and snoring.
In a diffuser, 3-4 drops aid sleep, cleanse the air.

A, K
Soothing, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing.
Applied with 1-1 drops to specific muscle groups before exercise, has warm-up effect.
After exercise, applied to body lotion, 1-2 drops, revitalizes and regenerates tired muscles.
For muscle, joint, or bone injuries, 1-2 drops directly on the affected area with a carrier oil, targets swelling, pain, inflammation, and tissue regeneration.
Applied to specific area for headaches, 1 drop each relieves pain.
Diffused, 3-4 drops support recovery processes.

K, B
Digestive harmonizing essence.
1 drop in a glass of water after every meal supports digestion, promotes a healthy gut flora.
Reduces unpleasant symptoms of irregular digestion; for issues, externally apply to specific area, or ingest directly or in water.
Taken internally, 1 drop is beneficial for reflux symptoms.

D, A, K
Aromatically inhaled from palms, applied to pulse points and throat for harmonizing thyroid function. Stabilizes, grounds, brings balance to life, recommended before exercising. Harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain, positively affecting coordination skills.

D, A, K
Supports increasing stress tolerance in the body. Assists in adapting to stress. In 'This is what it is, this is what needs to be solved' mode. Inhaled from palms, and applied to pulse points.

A, D, K, B
Slightly raises blood pressure, increases focus, refreshes, and alleviates possible headaches. Inhaled from palms, applied to pulse points and heart area. Expelling fatigue, energizing oil blend.

A, D, K, B
Add a few drops to coffee or water; besides flavor, it has fat-burning, detoxifying, and energizing effects. Inhaled deeply from palms for cheerful and energizing benefits.

D, A, K, B
Aromatically inhaled from palms, reduces stress. Consumed internally, added to tea, lemonade, or salads, supports digestion.


What do we mean by the MetaPWR system?
The MetaPWR system helps you live your life to the fullest, supporting your metabolism, energy levels, and health. Each product in the coordinated usage has unique properties while also supporting and strengthening the benefits of other products within the family. In the MetaPWR system, it's truly about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. While there are no miracle products for instantly providing optimal metabolic function – thoughtful and healthy lifestyle decisions are necessary – the MetaPWR system can help optimize and get the most out of decisions supporting a wellness lifestyle.

What does MetaPWR mean?
Perhaps you've wondered, "What does MetaPWR even mean?" The "meta" comes from the word metabolic, which is fitting as the MetaPWR system was created to support metabolic health.

At the same time, "meta" also means "comprehensive" or "superior." "PWR" naturally stands for "power," but it can also represent "personal wellness realized."

What is the MetaPWR essential oil blend?
The MetaPWR essential oil blend consists of patented, balanced proportions of CPTG™ certified Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon essential oils. This essential oil blend is present in all MetaPWR products, including MetaPWR Assist and MetaPWR Advantage.

Preclinical research supports that natural high content of limonene from Grapefruit essential oil, when consumed internally, can contribute to healthy metabolism. Lemon also has a high limonene content. Peppermint essential oil has been proven to enhance performance during exercise when taken internally. However, when these five essential oils are mixed in appropriate proportions, they can create truly powerful effects. Daily use of this patented essential oil blend can contribute to supporting a healthy metabolism.

MetaPWR™ Essential Oil Blend
What is the scent of the MetaPWR essential oil blend?
The aroma of the MetaPWR essential oil blend offers a delicate balance of citrus and spices with a touch of mint.

How to use the MetaPWR essential oil blend?
Apply the MetaPWR essential oil blend internally to support metabolic health.
The MetaPWR essential oil blend is available in various forms that offer multiple ways of consumption, making it as convenient and easy as possible for you. In addition to the 15 ml bottle, MetaPWR is available in vegetarian and keto-friendly pearl and softgel capsule forms. The pearl and softgel capsule truly simplify internal use of MetaPWR.

You can enjoy the beneficial effects of the MetaPWR essential oil blend in numerous convenient ways.

For information about essential oils and how to acquire them, inquire with your inviter!

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