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Vacation and Sunbathe Responsibly ☀️

As a professional, I often get asked: what sunscreen should I buy that's good for the whole family? Well…

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Sunscreen is important for the whole family
Typically, what happens is that the day before a trip, mom runs into the pharmacy and grabs one of the discounted pharmacy brands from the shelf, thinking the family’s sun protection is sorted. In theory… In practice, it really matters what we use to protect our largest organ, our skin ~ not to mention the children’s skin! A few years ago, cosmetics with physical sunscreens started to become popular. These are more modern and healthier than their older counterparts containing chemical sunscreens. One drawback of these products used to be that they left a thick white layer on our skin due to the physical protective ingredients they contained, which was neither aesthetically nor health-wise a perfect solution. I’ve been searching for “THE SUNSCREEN” myself for years, so I’m thrilled to say that an ideal product for many of us is now available in the herbal ~ aromatherapy segment as well.

Természetes hatóanyagokkal védekezzünk, gyógynövények, illóolajok, esszenciák, védelem, egészség, napozás
Let's protect our skin with natural ingredients
These ‘smart sunscreen’ products are innovative, health-conscious, and environmentally friendly. Thanks to their unparalleled composition, they not only protect but also care for our skin in a comfortable way. You can choose from stick, cream, and spray forms, and there are after-sun care products available as well. The products contain non-nano zinc oxide - which is particularly healthy for our skin, and the finest and healthiest ingredients - pure plant butters and oils, and plant essences, ensure our full protection when the sun's rays shine upon us.
Based on my experience, I believe it is our duty to help those around us develop this new way of thinking because by using innovatively and essentially crafted sun protection products, we are always doing something good for the health of our entire body. A special bonus is the light texture and pleasant use of these unique products! For more information, feel free to contact us.
The summer bikini season has just ended but (!) these super healthy sun protection cosmetics are also ideal for winter sports enthusiasts.
If you are curious about the positive health effects and most effective uses of beneficial herbs, visit one of our upcoming Essence Experience events or join our online roundtable discussions!

Join our community and take step-by-step progress on the path to your physical and mental health!

Krisztina Nádasdi ~ essence - aromatherapy cosmetologist

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